Out of network / Direct care therapy
  • One-on-one sessions

  • 60 minute sessions

  • One session every 7-10 days

  • Always with the highest qualified clinician, the Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • 4-8 visits on average

  • Partial reimbursement with out-of-network benefits


Insurance-based therapy
  • Often overlapped and spread with other patients

  • 30-60 minute sessions

  • 2-3 sessions once per week

  • Often treated by an assistant, aide, tech, or even alone!

  • 16-20 visits on average

  • Co-pays can average upwards of $60-70 a visit

Why choose Dr. Robinson and Rotate Rehabilitation and Performance?

Rotate Rehab is committed to changing the perception of physical therapy. Dr. Robinson will first converse with the patient to find out their goals and what they ultimately love and want to get back to doing. Dr. Robinson has extensive education with countless hours of additional specialized training for musculoskeletal assessment, evaluation, screening processes, and athletes. He uses these skills with patients starting with a total body diagnostics exam to not only find the source of the pain, but the cause as well because often times the source of pain or injury and the cause are not the same. Treatment sessions involve a direct hands-on approach with corrective exercises, education, and manual therapy

Why should I pay out of pocket with Rotate when other clinics take insurance?

At Rotate Rehab, you will get one full hour of one-on-one rehabilitative therapy rather than other clinics that often overlap patients where you will not get quality and direct treatment sessions. Patients will often see the Doctor of Physical Therapy for the initial evaluation and then be passed off to the PT assistant, aide, or tech for the rest of the session and future sessions.  Having a full hour, with the undivided attention of a Doctor of Physical Therapy every single session elevates, improves, and progresses the patient for fast results.


Often times with a traditional physical therapy clinic, you will be told to come 2-3x a week for the next 8-12 weeks. With increasing copays and higher deductibles, patients will be spending more time driving back and forth from the clinic and spending more money with copays while receiving less quality care.  And within the traditional PT treatment sessions, often times the patient is asked to do a list of exercises, having ice or hot packs, and told to go to a corner and stretch without attention.  These are all things you can do at home! Sessions need to focus on skilled, expert, hands on treatments, techniques, and education so you can be independent and get better faster in a shorter amount of time!


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