STEP 1 – We hear your story and come up with a plan!

Starting with a thorough history, we listen to your story, figure out your goals and your passions, and work together to find the true source of your pain and/or injury to help get you back to doing what you love!

STEP 2 – The Total Body Diagnostic Exam

We are big believers of differentiating between the cause of the problem and the source of the problem. Often, the two are not the same. With executing a total body diagnostic exam, we will gather a detailed analysis from head to toe and figure out not only the source of injury, but the cause. This will ensure that we can come up with a treatment plan that will help you make positive changes that last. Often times we will find other areas that although not problematic now, could lead to future injury down the road!

STEP 3 – Individualized, one-on-one, hands-on treatment sessions

After the Total Body Diagnostic Exam, a plan of care is created specifically to address deficits, improve movement and pain, and help you reach your goals. Treatment sessions are focused solely on things that you cannot do yourself! We will use various interventions to help decrease pain, improve the way you move, and re-educate muscles to perform the way they should. We also educate you on an individualized exercise program that enhances recovery and makes your positive changes permanent!

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